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NinjaTrader Indicators 100% Free for NinjaTrader Demo

MicroTrends offers it's own brands & 3rd party indicators too, the indicators in the MicroTrends NinjaTrader Framework are 100% free & unlimited for demo trading, historical testing & development.

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Getting Started with MicroTrends NinjaTrader Framework Signals Indicators


MT Signals Indicators

First of all as a discretionary trader or semi/fully automatic NinjaTrader robot trader - you should learn about Signals Indicators - these contain algorithms that trade in a certain way . Uniquely each indicator consists of a two stage signal system, the trade setup logic, filters and price confirmation - for either Mean reversion, trend following or a mixture/hybrid of all technical analysis trading techniques.  Each Indicator graphically uses a green dots and red dots  for signalling on the chart a trade setup, and fires a text and audio alert - the trade entry signal is a green up triangle or red down triangle -optionally with a green or red vertical background on the entry bar - and fires a text and audio alert.

Start off by learning what they do and how they work. How to use them on a chart and understand how to visually back test them on different chart data series and session templates.Discover how all Signals Indicators use a common parameter interface which is almost identical - with basic parameters unique to the indicator and common parameter groups, also the ability to save one or more settings and allocate it an ID and friendly name - for easy recall later.

To Accelerate your learning time learning the basics of the signals indicators design is critical  -  learn it once and re-use that understanding for all other indicators. Later you can use a NinjaTrader strategy based on one or more of the indicators and see the same indicators used in the strategy for controlling the signal - which a strategy would then execute. This will allow you to easily segment the and comprehend the numerous parameter groups in a signals indicator and strategy based on one.

Download NinjaTrader Chart Indicators 100% Free for Simulator Trading & Testing

Download Free NinjaTrader Indicators & strategies Download your Free NinjaTrader Indicators

MicroTrends® Indicators are 100% free for sim & testing & ready to use. No license, registration or payment required... All Indicators are contained in the MicroTrends® NinjaTrader Framework Download.

Indicators for all asset classes & trading styles

MicroTrends chart Indicators can provide visual information or generate trend following & mean reversion: trade setup, entry & exit signals for day trading or swing trading via on chart discretionary trade signals indicators for all asset classes on all time frames - can be optimised visually or electronically back tested in the NinjaTrader Strategy Analyser - within a NinjaTrader Strategy

A Variety of Indicators are available, either within one pack/download known as the "MicroTrends NinjaTrader Framework", or as single indicators from its "Indicator Factory" brand, there are also "3rd party custom NinjaTrader Indicators" from selected NinjaTrader Add-on developer partners.

MicroTrends™ indicators are generic in design & so they can be used for any asset class in many time series. You maybe be a scalper, day trader, intraday position trader, swing trader, swing position trader, looking for additional indicators to compliment an existing discretionary trading strategy - these may fit into the following categories: trend following, mean reversion, range breakout, Chart Enhancement Indicators, Volume Indicators, Volatility Indicators, Momentum Indicators, Support & Resistance Indicators, Price Action Indicators, Scalping Indicators, Range bound Indicators, Stop Loss Indicators.

Build your own Indicator Toolbox

MicroTrends™ is run by professional traders for traders, MicroTrends™ uses it's own technology exclusively to trade with & can offer you a toolbox of indicators to assist & improve your trading, whether it is an open range trader, pattern recognition, a single or double moving average crossover, dynamic Fibonacci or scalping signals indicator.

A proven & effective way of trading is to research, formulate system rules based on technicals measured against charts, price & indicators which you then backtest & write into a trade plan, you will find a simple approach is easiest to get started with, however when you progress you can combine multiple reasons to trade or not trade via a toolbox of indicators which provide you with the key to discretion & optmises your profit.

The Holy Grail of Indicator Trading

The Holy Grail of trading then is not one system it is an approach & a set of technologies that can be leveraged which are suitable for you & your preferred style of trading & risk profile.

The last component of the Holy Grail is you!

The fact is that MicroTrends™ trades with a powerful mixture of these indicators mostly every week day, in the right hands these indicators are very effective & can provide an extremely lucrative trading career, a proftiable trading approach & methodology is achievable with the MicroTrends™ indicators how much is down to the trader.

Indicator Settings, Chart Templates & Workspaces

Indicators settings can be configured & saved as a default indicator template or in a chart template consisting of many indicators or as many charts in a workspace you will an example of a complete discretionary trading system in the the ninjatrader downloads pages.

Can't see what you want?

MicroTrends™ offers free indicator development services when time permits, if we don't have it & it is a good trading tool we may even find the time to write it & provide it for you as part of the array of MicroTrends™ indicators

How to Get Started

The MicroTrends™ NinjaTrader Framework download comprises all of the free & licensed NinjaTrader strategies & Indicators in one easy pack.

There are a growing number of articles in the MicroTrends™ NinjaTrader Forum where you can view & post questions.


Trading and investment carry a high level of risk, and MicroTrends Ltd does not make any recommendations for buying or selling any financial instruments. We offer educational information on ways to use our sophisticated MicroTrends trading tools, but it is up to our customers and other readers to make their own trading and investment decisions or to consult with a registered investment advisor.


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